514. ‘Asessippi’ Lilac

‘Asessippi’ Lilac

Syringa × hyacinthiflora ‘Asessippi’

Accession 166-74*MASS

Frank L. Skinner of Dropmore, Manitoba introduced this lilac in 1932. ‘Asessippi’ has a showy, bushy habit with flowers from top to bottom, a rich fragrance, and is disease resistant, all qualities much sought after in a lilac. Skinner pioneered horticulture on the Canadian prairie north of Winnipeg, where only three months of the year are without frost. He introduced 248 new plant varieties, many of them lilacs. At the age of 65 in 1947, Skinner married and had five children, his heirs preserving the Skinner Arboretum which is still open today.